Wearable Art

These wearable art items have no seams. The felted cloth items and scarves are made of 100% fine merino wool and silk and recycled fabric and found objects with a touch of hand embroidery.

Wearing a Diane Lemire creation is a unique experience, since no two are the same.

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Always faithful to the principle of recycling, each unique scarf is one of a kind. Diane Lemire scarves are made using a combination of 100% silk as a base and the designs of recycled fabrics such as ties and dresses. She has created a process of transferring the design of the recycled fabric to the silk  using heat in the layup, thus eliminating the need for dye, giving her creations a Eco responsible touch. Finally, Diane incorporates felt and jewels to some of her scarves, creating a simply wonderful result.

Gallery 3

Gallery 3

Photography by Erik Moreau